The myth of originality behind every new novel

Many new writers keep pondering about the myth of originality while writing a novel story. It is often said that you must read vigorously if you want to become a successful writer. It is not only recommended to the editorial writers but also to the people looking to write a book in any specific genre. Now the question arises automatically how come the new work will be taken as original when the writer is taking inspiration from the existing stories? There are so many books in the market that it is hard to think of anything coming new as totally original. It is likely to relate to an existing story in partial if not going to be recognized as a copy of a specific book. So what should be done to deal with the myth of originality while writing a new novel?

Bust the myth without worrying about the criticism

It is vital to read the existing books as they will help boost the process of brainstorming. You will be able to write a new story by getting inspiration from the existing knowledge. It is a natural process that allows you to reach the new by exploring the existing information. Even scientists reach a new conclusion by studying and verifying the existing information. Since you are not going to verify or bust anything new so you should just start writing a new story without worrying about criticism. Tell you what, nothing except the holy books meets the standard of newness and originality. Every writer must bust the myth of originality before starting to write a new novel. Anything that gives a sniff of newness must be taken as the original.

Where to get new ideas from?

It is interesting to know that you do not need to sit idle and start thinking of weird ideas before writing a new novel story. You can do it by using the existing details and by relying on the existing knowledge. You can knit your novel around a wayfarer that likes traveling. You can add a unique habit to your wayfarer for example exploring the treasure and that treasure could be knowledge or peace in concept. Similarly, you can revolve your story around a protagonist living with purpose and wanting to serve its people or the masses. It may involve saving people from an external force or something evil that lingers in to keep people struggling.

Carve your elements of storytelling creatively

Creativity is not only required in designing the story and the characters. It is also required in carving the elements of storytelling. Tell you what; storytelling is the only thing that makes your story look great and intriguing to the reader. A reader may lose interest and people may start rating your story as boring if you fail to make it look interesting. The art of storytelling is everything when it comes to meeting the aesthetics of your audience. You are therefore recommended to carve the elements of storytelling with care while writing a new novel. You can do it by using a natural tone and tenor. It can also be attained by using twists and words that keep the reader interested. 

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