How to write a compelling novel story?

A lot of authors are writing stories nowadays but only a few come up with a winning story. A winning story is often perceived as the one that sells best. But that’s not the case, to be honest. A winning story is one that addresses a scenario in the most appropriate style. It is the one that best covers all aspects of a situation and keeps connecting the dots. Sometimes it sells as it appeals to the people but on other occasions, it might remain to hover around without urging people to buy it. The best novel story however used to appeal to the reader and addresses the situation aptly. It can be sold superfluously but that’s quite another story. Here is how you can put things in the right order to make your story look striking.

Choose a theme

Choosing the theme or domain of a story is the first and most vital thing to do while writing a striking novel story. Picking up a theme will give wings to your words. You will be able to build an entirely new castle in the air if you have the design in your mind. Selecting a theme for your story means nothing but doing the drawing work for your new castle. You got to be a good architect to develop a good design. The design will rely on creativity and ideas. And, here we have another good option for you to try in order to sharpen your creativity and have a good flow of ideas coming your way.

Read voraciously

Reading is such a nice thing to do as it instigates thought processes in your brain. You will start thinking of writing your own story if you keep reading more and more stories regularly. Reading is good for every person looking to learn about life but it is imperative for the one looking to write a winning novel story. You need to read voraciously to brainstorm new ideas and sharpen your creativity. You will definitely come up with new ideas once you read a dozen of related stories.

Write your first draft before writing the story

Drafting the entire story in the form of a sketch or outline is the hallmark of every great writer. Writers start designing their first draft right after they have a complete vision of what they are going to write in the upcoming novel story. Once you have a definite set of ideas for your story and you are confident to connect the dots then it’s time to write the draft.

Stay in touch with an editor

You are good at writing some striking novel stories and very creative in your ideas. But you will still require the services of an editor to fine-tune your content. It is good to contact and stay in touch with an editor as your story proceeds. You can submit your story for review and editing before it is ready for publishing.

Once everything is ready to take off then it’s time to contact the publisher to make your story go viral.

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