How do I begin to write a novel?

Writing is an art and only a few artists are good at it. Although everybody qualifies to write anything anytime but it is not what you write but rather how you write that matters. Therefore it is vital to show some creativity in order to engage the audience if you want to succeed at the professional level. People usually start thinking about the plot and the character whenever they are told about the engagement. But the art of writing is something very subtle and interesting. It is something that helps you grab the attention of the reader and keep them engaged in your story. It is the art of involving people in your story. It is the art of storytelling that distinguishes you from the common writers.

Writing a fantasy novel story is not everyone’s job but people with fine writing skills and knowledge about novel writing can surely do it. You can win your readers if you can meet their aesthetics and demands. Readers will wait for your next story if you will be able to impress them in the first place. Here is how you can begin

Spare some quality time for writing

Writing requires a serene environment and some quality time in spare. If you cannot spare some quality time every day then you should not bother to start writing a fantasy novel story. You cannot just do it without being mentally free and fully focused on the writing. Someone writing part-time or on weekends may not be able to succeed at the end of the day.

Do not force the issue ever in the fantasy writing

Writing a fantasy novel story involves a free-thinking process and the flow of thoughts in a natural way. We cannot just attain quality by forcing the issue in the novel writing. You cannot force a delicate line while writing a fantasy story. So just remain focused and do it in your quality time. As mentioned above, writing in quality time will ensure you have got the peace of mind required to write a compact story.

Keep reading to get a constant flow of ideas

You can brainstorm to get your set of right ideas but there is another option that you can try to get a stream of smart ideas. Reading the relevant genres can help you generate some splendid ideas. You can keep getting that constant flow of ideas when you keep reading the relevant fantasy stories. Although a plot is planned before starting to write a fantasy novel but you can still fine-tune it with time using fresh knowledge.

Ask yourself what-if questions

You can carry on writing as per the plan and the plot. But asking what, if questions will help you write splendidly. You can keep sharpening and honing your writing by asking yourself pertinent questions. These questions are not meant to alter the entire path of writing but can surely help in fine-tuning the process. You can mend your ways and in the meantime can make adjustments by asking useful what, if kind of questions.

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