How to write fantasy fiction do’s and don’ts

Writing relies solely on the ability of a person to create something unique and splendid. You cannot succeed as a writer if you do not have a flare for writing. Creativity needs to be there with you before you embark on the journey to write fantasy fiction. A few people tend to hire a writer for a sixty to seventy thousand eBook but do that guarantee success? The answer is no, you might just be able to sell a few copies if you are offering a refined amount of information in that book. But success is not what you will embrace especially when it comes to writing a fantasy fiction novel.

Fiction writing relies solely on your ability to create a unique story, scenes, and backstory. You cannot attain it simply by directing a freelance writer online. Every unique story belongs to a genuine fantasy writer. A person who can imagine and can carve things out of his/her imagination. It is the power of imagination and creativity that makes a successful fantasy fiction writer out of an ordinary person. A set pattern or guidelines can only help you remain on track. But your success relies solely on your effort and ability to come up with something seriously tempting.

Here are some dos and don’ts for you when you start writing your fantasy fiction novel.

Do an in-depth analysis of your genre

Understanding your genre is the first step toward writing a great fantasy novel. You cannot just complete anything if you are unable to understand your genre appropriately. It is always good to do an in-depth analysis of the genre before proceeding on to the novel writing. Understanding the genre will help you carve the story in accordance with the demands and tastes of the genre. Fantasy fiction writing is one of the oldest kinds of writing. The epic of Gilgamesh, the odyssey, and Beowulf have survived over the years just because the writers did justice to the genre.

Do read multiple authors in your genre

Fantasy fiction writing is a vast field and as mentioned earlier, one of the most primitive forms of literature. Hundreds of thousands of quality fantasy fiction novels and books can be found in every genre. You can find as many books as you want. But it is not about finding the books but rather giving them a read. Reading multiple authors in your genre will give you a range of clues. You can fine-tune your fantasy literature by using the inspiration from those great writings.

Do find your magic when it is due     

Literature involving fantasy is usually about nature, elves, and magical adventures. But you need not go after the lord of the rings in any case. You need to create your own magic to keep your audience interested in your work. Remember, you cannot just do any wonder if you are unable to create the sensation required to make the story get wild. Your magic needs to keep raging and rising as the story proceeds. It should neither fade away after a short appearance nor should it appear towards the end. It must begin with the start of the novel and should carry on till the last page.

Do invent your own details

Creating an environment that describes a scenario very much created on your own is a wonderful thing to do. You need to invent your own details if you want to succeed in your fantasy fiction writing project. You can create a human-eating jungle in your story or can create a river that never lets one drown with certain clothes. It is your invention that will make your fantasy fiction story talk of the town. It will become part of the parlance of the people discussing things in routine. It is therefore highly recommended that you should try to create your own details or the environment for your story.

Do avoid fantasy series Clichés

A whole lot of writers tend to create a role that keeps appearing in every story of a fantasy series. Smart writers tend to carve a supportive atmosphere around the hero while it is doable but is still not advised. Try to come up with something new if you are to carry the situation or the hero forward. You can still carry the same hero forward but then try to twist the situation a bit. Do not let it turn into an undesirable cliché.

Do not try to make it look fictitious

You are of course writing a piece of fiction but still, it needs to be somewhat realistic and rational. It needs to appeal to the rationale for it to be accepted by the mass audience. A very fictitious piece of fantasy writing is subject to rejection. People will out rightly reject it if it is not written on the logical lines. J.R.R. Tolkien remained successful in his adventures just because he was able to create realistic atmospheres. His stories revolve around the European sagas and are very much rational in approach.

Do not mimic other’s work

You need to read other authors as much as you can. But that must be done with one purpose only i.e. to get inspiration or ideas. You can carve your story perfectly in a genre by reading other authors. But by copying or somehow mimicking the work of other writers you are simply undermining the originality of your piece. It will lose its entire value when its main theme is perceived as copied. The original and unique ideas will earn fame and money while the mimicked content is subject to rejection. People will never buy a copied story. 

Do not leave it to the marketers

The book marketers can take care of your piece of literature. But it is not good to leave it to the marketers solely. Since you are a creative person therefore you need to post what you see and feel about your world. Build your profile by offering quality content online and you will be able to start selling right from there. LinkedIn is a great platform for professionals and that’s where you can make a start. 

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