How to outline a novel? Tips and tricks

A book outline is a basic framework around which a writer used to revolve in general. It outlines the entire draft and guides an author all the way through to the end. It is a framework that keeps one on track to the finishing point. One can complete a book without writing an outline but it will take more time than normal. One will keep drifting from one point to another if an outline is absent from the writing project. This is why every smart writer used to develop an outline for every book one plans to write.

The book outline is however different from the novel outline a little. It is therefore very vital to take care of your writing plan if you are going to write a novel. The novel outline had to be planned in line with the story of the novel. It should cover the characters, plot, and intermission if it is there. The primary role of every outline is to cover the basic aspects and keep the writer working without worrying about the next chapter.

Basic tips or writing novel outline

Since a novel is always going to be different from the common literature therefore one must consider the story factor into the account. It is imperative for the book coach or the author to draft the outline in line with the needs of the novel. Here is how you can do it for your novel.

Pen down the plot and the characters

The best way to write the outline for the novel is by summarizing the plot for a better understanding. It is not about summary writing at all as one would rather write the way forward unto the finishing point. The characters will also be added at every step to see how they are going.

Bulletin the entire outline

One other common and simple way to outline the novel is writing bullets for all various kinds of characters. One can knit one’s story by revolving around the characters. It will also let one see how things are working in the story in general. It will provide control over the proceedings.

Whiteboard method

This is a method that involves sticking cards for every character on a board. The color of the board does not really matter but the color of the card does make sense. You got to choose different colored cards for every character at different phases in your story. The method was used by Jenna Morenci in the first place. The method helps move from one place to another without leaving loopholes in the story of your novel.

Snowflake method

The method is a bit complex and we would not walk that far across. But the main idea used in the snow flake method is picking a one-sentence version of your character’s story line and expanding it to make it look like a play. The extended story will always be more detailed as compared to the primary story-line. The method was first invented by the writer Randy Ingermanson and is still used by many writers.

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