What the best fantasy entails? 7 lessons from the best fantasy novels

The best fantasy entails the best story plot, the best atmosphere, and, even finer characters. The parlance, tone, and tenor got to be intriguing and absorbing. If you could manage all that in your story then success is surely guaranteed. Your novel will go viral and it is likely to catch the eye of a director. A movie-maker might just try to use your story and that will take your work to the next level. But that’s not all when we talk about what the best fantasy novel entails?

The best fantasy novel creates a world on its own. It relies solely on the creativity of the writer and keeps getting wild to an unknown extent. Although one needs to get weird to a certain extent but one can move as far across as possible if one can offer the logic for it. The weirdness in your novel needs to appeal to the rationale of the audience for it to become convenient. Here are 7 lessons that every successful fantasy novel teaches us and anyone can learn them to write a successful fantasy novel.

1. Create magic with the details

You are not going to write a simple piece of literature when it comes to fantasy writing. You should rather create the magic with your words, sentences, scenes, and plot. Try to invent something new and build a brand new world out of your imagination. You cannot not only create a world on your own but can also create new beliefs and traditions in the town. By creating a brand new world or at least a state or a town you take people to the magical world. And, by creating the magic you set the tone for the entire fantasy novel. If your magic can do wonders then the wonderland you have created through imagination will surely fascinate a range of readers.

J.R.R Tolkien, the writer of the lord of the rings was a linguist and he created all new sets of languages for his series. Elvish, Sindarin, and Quenya were created out of imagination.

2. Give settings a character and the mystique

A strong character will keep pushing the story forward. A hero or heroin is always loved especially when it is doing something extraordinary. A plot offering a troublesome atmosphere for the main character will surely keep people engaged. A quest to get something or save the town will surely keep the readers interested. A strong character is however not the only thing that works. You can create a world full of mysteries to make your novel look like an intriguing piece of literature. The mysterious dark tower in Stephan King’s dark series offers readers something special and intriguing. And, that’s what makes it look like a unique story.

3. Create whole new origins

Most of the best fantasy series takes place in an alternate universe. A fantasy writer creates a whole new origin for his story. It is normal when we talk about fantasy writing. A fantasy writer will create an alternate universe with a solely different set of atmosphere and norms. The creature will resemble humans but will always differ from the ordinary-looking humans. Rowling’s harry potter will introduce you to a world of wizardry magic. Similarly, Tolkien will use a prologue to introduce you to a world specifically created through his imagination.

4. Give characters the depth they need

The hero and villain of your story will always matter the most. But it is vital to understand that every character matters when we talk about writing a successful fantasy novel. A few authors tend to create something out of ordinary. For example, a shepherd must save the convoy. But it is vital to tell the reader how he will be able to do that for the convoy. Explicable motivations must revolve around the character to make it look conceivable.

5. Make stakes high

Every great fantasy series involve quests for the hero. The stakes are always higher e.g. saving the world from an alien force, maintaining peace, or saving a town from an evil attack. The hero will put all the effort and will face all the hardships at multiple stages before finally attaining the primary goal. Therefore, if you are looking to write a great fantasy novel try to involve high stake roles. Your hero must be pursuing a higher motive with great commitment. It needs to show a greater level of resilience while fighting the villain or the evil forces. Your hero must be sharp, agile, powerful, and genius. He must complete every task with sheer class.

6. Have primary and secondary conflicts

A hero will not be taken as a hero if he does not faces the hurdles. The hurdles however must not be limited and primary in nature. Every successful story is full of hurdles and the hurdles are divided into different levels. The hero will face a different set of hurdles at every level. The intensity may grow as the story proceeds. And, there will be some secondary hurdles at every level. The suspense and mystery will only remain alive if you tend to keep the conflicts alive till the end.

The lion, the witch, and the wardrobe involve primary conflicts as the white witch but it also offers secondary conflicts like Edmund and his siblings.

7. Create limits and tensions within roles

Every role of your story needs to offer something intriguing but the main roles must revolve around tensions and limitations. An old man with a whole lot of knowledge may offer advice to the hero. But he must be unable to help the hero on his path to destiny. It will create tension and will enhance engagement. Everyone will be interested to know how the hero will overcome the conflicts and reach his destiny.

The above-described lessons are taken from classic fantasy novels. You can just follow these rules to create an outstanding fantasy series. A plot will make it look fascinating but the depth in the conflicts and tensions around roles will make it look intriguing.

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