Top 5 secrets to writing a winning story

Every kind of writing involves diligence and dedication. You cannot just write a winning story if you could not put in the right kind of effort and have not spent the right amount of time. It requires sorting out all the relevant things before you make the first draft. It is a kind of work that needs to engage the audience. It is vital to mention here that it is only an engaging story that will sell.

You got to keep the readers or the viewers interested in the story. And, it can only be done by adding interesting details. The interesting details could be coming from the needs and wants of the people or you can do it another way. The other way involves creating an entirely new scenario out of your imagination. It is the creativity coupled with an imagination that will drive things to the end in that case. Now let us see what exactly makes a story look captivating.

5 secrets to story writing

Story writing is quite an interesting field but it is your effort in the story that makes it look interesting. Here is how you can attain it.

1. Write in one sitting

You cannot of course develop an entire story within an hour. But once you have brainstormed enough you should draft it in one sitting. A layout is always there when we talk about drafting. You are strongly recommended that you should develop your draft in one sitting. It will push you towards comprehensive pre-writing planning and devising.

2. Carve your protagonist

Stories are all about the protagonist as people like to see someone coming out of nowhere to help a community in a crisis. It is human nature that people are often looking for a protagonist. And, it is always a strong character that defines the success of a story. The protagonist will drive your story forward but it will also require an opposite archetype like a villain. A villain will actually make your protagonist shine like a star in your story.

3. Keep adding twists

A good twist or intermission will keep the reader or the viewer interested in your story. It is yet another critical part of every story that inspires the viewers. A finely crafted intermission will keep the viewers involved. But it can only work if you could restrict the flow of information to the reader. By offering more details right up front you are actually letting one guess the outcomes. And, that’s what weakens the impact of your story.

4. Write good dialogue

Dialogues are the key factors that define the success of your story. People start feeling the heat when they are served with delicate dialogues. It always takes one by surprise when your protagonist and the villain are exchanging things using some finely crafted words. It is always an intriguing statement that will take a viewer by surprise.

5. Deliver to an experienced writer before delivering it to the public

You are strongly recommended to get your story reviewed before delivering it to the public. It can easily be done by delivering it to an experienced writer. An editor in your organization or a senior fellow in the writer’s community can proofread your story for errors or omissions. You are advised to deliver the finest of the copies to your audience.