8 Effective strategies for outlining a book

A book outline is as vital as the format or the content of a book. There is no exaggeration in saying that one cannot just finish a book without considering outlining a book. You can call it a rough draft but it is generally a plan or a framework around which an entire writing project used to revolve. Writing a book gets easier than you think when you have a plan for it. Just like all other kinds of plans, a book outline will also guide an author at every step in a writing pursuit.

An effective book outlining takes the writing to the next level. It is useful for the experienced ones but an even more effective thing to do for a fresher. A fresher can keep writing without worrying about anything when one has an effective plan for it. A comprehensive plan is however something that makes a writing project look even more impressive. A better plan means doing a better finish to a writing assignment. The best books are always backed by effective book outlines.

Effective strategies for outlining a book

A number of approaches are in practice when we talk about book outlining. Different authors find it comfortable to go with a specific one while others like to adopt a specific outline just because of its effectiveness. Here are all the different types of book outlines that are generally used by modern authors.

1. Mind map

Mind mapping is the first thing to do when we talk about outlining a book. Mind mapping involves brainstorming to some extent. But it can be done manually as well as with software. Modern authors try using software but it is always a smart brain that is behind every single creative piece of writing that we read with fondness. Mind mapping will create a layout for your writing. It could be a single sentence, a sketch, or a plan for your upcoming book.

2. Bubble Map

A bubble map is also somewhat similar to the mind map as you would be creating basic points for the entire piece of writing. The bubble map is a kind of handwritten slide that will start with a bubble or two and will move on to the next phase adding every vital step and character in the timeline. A bubble map is a timeline where you scratch out ideas and put them on paper. A whiteboard is also used to get things done in this regard. A bubble map helps create and blend ideas for a creative piece of writing.

3. Scrivener outline

You can hire a book coach to get your stuff done if you are a fresher and going to write your first book. But, there are also other options that can also prove productive when it comes to outlining a novel or a book. Scrivener for example is an outstanding software that can do it for you without spending that much. It will create flashcards on the corkboard. The corkboard is a kind of electronic tool that helps build an outstanding book outline. You will always be standing behind the creative work but the software will help align every single thing involved in the outline.

4. One-liner outline

A one-liner outline is another smart and quick way to outline your book. Experienced writers are using this approach. They write a single line on a word processor or a piece of paper and follow the entire plan on their own. A fresher might not find it a little too fancy but the experienced campaigners can surely follow this kind of outline plan.

5. Chapter by chapter outline

A chapter-by-chapter outline is another kind of outline that is famous among writers. A whole lot of writers tend to try this kind of book outline. It is good for every kind of writing as a writer can move step-by-step to the final page. It is equally productive for a fresher as well as for the experienced ones. A writer can further break down a chapter to make an outline even more productive.

6. Post-it notes

Post-it notes are a smart addition to a book outline. One can add notes to every chapter or a bubble. A writer can move on without any ambiguity when it has additional details available against every different kind of idea or step involved in the writing process. The notes are optional and at times necessary as certain terms and connotations require adding notes for a proper understanding of the terms and titles.

7. Storyboard outline

A storyboard outline is a visual set of slides or shots that help create an outline in a quick time. It is good for you if you like to add vibrant visuals in your book outline or looking to have more engaging content. This method has its own set of advantages when we talk about modern-day graphics and visuals. It will enhance the imagination of a creative writer by reducing the time required to understand the outline.

8. Snowflakes method

Snowflakes is another creative method to outline a book. It helps organize and arrange all different elements of a book writing plan. It is useful for all kinds of writing but has been famous for fiction writing. It was invented by fiction writer Randy Ingermanson. It helps manage a fabulous outline for a piece of fiction. Randy believes that snowflakes will provide you with complete control if you are looking to carve an outline for a novel.

Tips for developing an outstanding book outline

You need to have an idea of what you are looking to write before developing an outline. Once you are clear about your piece of writing then it gets easier to create an outline. A smart writer will consume less time and would try to use tools and consult experts that can help create an outline on a swift basis. You however got to be flexible and vigilant while creating the writing plan for your upcoming book. You can consult a book coach or can review a similar book before developing the writing plan.

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