7 best Book cover art ideas and insights

Authors work hard in shaping the content of their books. They search and research for the best information and try to come up with the best material. It is always imperative to develop the best of the content but there are also certain aspects that need to be covered when it comes to writing a book. Writing a book involves writing a strong story or offering the best of the content but things like book cover and title have their due role to play.

People will look at the book title and the book cover before getting to the book content. This is why it is so imperative to design a catchy book cover. Designing a book cover involves design tools and having an insight into the story. A good book cover will always correlate with the title. It tends to serve the title and enhance it by offering relevant graphics. Every creative book cover design goes with the title and tends to embolden it. If you are a writer and looking to design a catchy book cover then below are some insightful insights for your design.

1. Pick the right design tool

Every design depends on the creativity of the designer and the tools used to design that specific stuff. Tools become even more important at times as a person with all the creativity in the world cannot do anything substantial if remain unable to find the right tools. This is why you are recommended to go for the right design software. Adobe Photoshop, coral draw, and Canva are the best options in this regard. One can capitalize on any one of these tools. Adobe PS and coral draw are paid tools but Canva can offer you free-of-cost options. You can pick any of these tools to design your book cover in a fabulous fashion.

2. Strong covers capture mood and attention

The book title is the single most vital factor in setting the tone for the book. But book cover also has its due role to play when we talk about capturing the mood and attention of the readers. A reader can be lured into looking into the contents of a book if a book cover is strong enough to capture the attention of a viewer. You can sell silently or at least can develop a range of prospective buyers by designing a strong book cover. The term strong book cover stands justified only when it is able to capture the eye of the reader. The best book cover design is always able to capture the eye of the spectator. It invites, involves, and initiates the interest in the content of a book.

3. Specific Genre often have similar book covers

It is quite a common practice that books coming from the same genres often come with quite a similar book cover. It tends to relate to the family by offering a similar design. Since every new book is written in a well-established genre so it is more likely to gain fame if it tends to relate to its parent genre one way or the other. Designing a book cover related to the existing books coming from the same genre helps your new book establish rapport with the reader. One can develop an affinity with the readers by offering them something similar to what they already knew well.

4. Great covers provide glimpses into the story

How many times has it happened to you that you have seen a book with a picture of a boat on the cover and you become able to grasp that it could be a story covering a voyage? Similarly, seeing castles on the book cover gives you a hint about a fantasy story. Tell you what; you can also create similar impressions by designing a book cover that takes the viewer to a specific endpoint. Every great cover provides glimpses into the story by offering related graphics or images that initiate certain relevant thoughts. A properly carved cover will give a definite image of what is going on inside a book.

5. The cover art style is vital in branding

Since you are a writer and looking to write through your life. And, the book you have finished writing is not the only book you have planned to write. Therefore, it is vital to think of building a brand right from the start. One can build a cover to keep in mind the future publications. It is also good to decide on a specific color scheme and font style before proceeding on to the book cover designing process. Decide on theme of your brand and try carving it right from the first book you write for publishing. Deciding on the color scheme, fonts and graphics will set a tone for the future branding endeavors.

6. Add a specific emblem or picture to make it look appealing

Adding a specific emblem or picture makes your book cover look captivating. It defines your story specifically and makes your book rather appealing. A flying warplane with bombs beneath will define that your book is about a conflict or war. A boy with a wild animal, grass and trees in the picture will define that the book is going to offer something about a fantasy story. You can add any specific sort of emblem to make it look more appealing. A specific emblem will provide an idea about the contents of a book in the most intrinsic style.

7. Poor illustrations and irrelevant images backfire

It is always good to use specific color schemes, add images, or, use certain illustrations. But it is even imperative to understand that poor and irrelevant content on the book cover can backfire. It can even place the negative impressions on the viewer. This is why it is so important to understand the impact of the graphics while designing the book cover. A writer needs to convey the matter to the designer if he/she has hired a graphics designer to design the book cover. Tell your designer to add only the strongest and the most relevant graphics. It will yield the desired outcomes.

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