– Young Adult FANTASY

Rodon is the country of fortune tellers where fortune tellers have existed for the last couple of centuries to serve the Kingdom. In Rodon we already know what kind of life we will have, who will be our friend, who we are going to marry, what kind of children we will have, how and when we are going to die. Here everyone knows what is waiting for them and makes decisions based on that. Everyone, apart from myself, and my twin sister, Alana.


‘When your parents got married, at their wedding they got to know that their firstborn will be a boy and that they will love each other until the death of your mother’, Shirela, the fortune teller said.

‘And it happened like that,’ I said, ‘I’m the first-born child.’

‘When a child is conceived, his fate is very sensitive, and we don’t like to tell anything. In your case, one of the fortune tellers said something to your mother and you were called traitor immediately. After the prophecy your parents had to leave the capital almost immediately, they got only a few days to prepare. Until then they used to live in the capital.’


‘If I look at someone, I can see his possible future and his past. For some people, it is variable, like for example a noble whose life depends on others. There are people who have got a straightforward future. There are others for whom we cannot see anything.’

‘Who is like that?’ I asked with curiosity.

‘Alana and you,’ Shirela said, ‘when I look at you, I can see nothing. Neither your past nor your future. Visiting me was not forbidden because of what I will tell you, but to let you know that you are not part of the tree of fate.’


My sister bowed her head slightly and did a graceful curtsy.

‘Your majesty, I’d like to thank you for extending your hospitality to me, I’m Alana,’ my sister smiled, she too had remembered our mother’s teachings well.

Alana waited for the Prince’s greeting, but nothing happened. The Prince stood quietly not saying a word. Alana stood quietly as well. From what we knew, if the Prince did not greet Alana personally like everyone else, it would mean that he did not accept my sister as his guest and Alana would not be allowed to stay in the castle with me and she would have needed to step back behind me now.


I stepped up to the Prince and I slapped him in his face, he didn’t even have a chance to defend himself.

‘Try to use your brain, your majesty,’ I said, ‘pay attention to the attackers and not to Alana, whose only fault is to love a person who doesn’t deserve it. Luckily it is over. She is sending this to you,’ I held the palm of his hand and dropped the ring into it.